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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Mann, Christopher B. and Genevieve Mayhew*. (2015). “Voter Mobilization Meets eGovernment: Turnout and Voting by Mail from Online or Paper Ballot Requests”. Journal of Political Marketing 14(4): 352-380. DOI: 10.1080/15377857.2015.1086132

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Mann, Christopher B. and Casey A. Klofstad. 2015. “The Role of Call Quality in Voter Mobilization: Implications for Electoral Outcomes & Experimental Design”. Political Behavior 37(1): 135-154. DOI: 10.1007/s11109-013-9264-y

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Atkinson, Matthew, Christopher B. Mann, Santiago Olivella, Arthur Simon, and Joseph Uscinski, 2014. “(Where) Do Campaigns Matter? The Impact of National Party Convention Location”.  Journal of Politics 76(4):1045-1058. 

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Barber, Michael*, Christopher B. Mann, J. Quin Monson, and Kelly Patterson. 2014. “Online Polls and Registration Based Sampling: A New Method for Pre-Election Polling”. Political Analysis 22(3): 321-335.

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Mann, Christopher B. 2010. “Is There Backlash to Social Pressure? A Large-scale Field Experiment on Voter Mobilization”. Political Behavior, 32:387-407.

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Davenport, Tiffany, Alan Gerber, Donald Green, Christopher S. Larimer, Christopher B. Mann and Costas Panagopolous. 2010. “The Enduring Effects of Social Pressure: Tracking Campaign Experiments over a Series of Elections”. Political Behavior, 32:423-430.

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Mann, Christopher B. 2005. “Do Advance Letters Improve Pre-election Forecast Accuracy?”. Public Opinion Quarterly, 69(4):561-571.

Mann, Christopher B. 2005. “Unintentional Voter Mobilization: Does Participation in Pre-election Surveys Increase Voter Turnout?”. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 601(1):155-168.


Chapters in Edited Volumes

Mann, Christopher B. 2014. “Mail Ballots in the United States: Policy Choice & Administrative Challenges” in The Measure of American Elections, Barry Burden and Charles Stewart III, eds. Cambridge University Press.

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Mann, Christopher B. 2004. “Untangling Race and Institutions in Jefferson’s Thought: Blacks and Slavery, Indians and Natural Law”. Journal of Contemporary Thought, 19:43-82.

Other Publications

Mann, Christopher B. 2011. “Looking Beyond Election Day: Voter Mobilization Experiments and Pre-Election Day Voting”. The Experimental Political Scientist (APSA Experimental Section newsletter), Fall 2011.

Mann, Christopher B. 2005. “Pre-Notification Letters”. In Polling America: An Encyclopedia of Public Opinion, edited by Samuel Best and Benjamin Radcliff. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

* denotes graduate student co-author.