Links to Co-authors

Kevin Arceneaux –
Lonna Atkeson –
Michael Barber –
Lisa Bryant –
Tiffany Davenport –
Alan Gerber –
Donald Green –
Josh Kalla –
Casey Klofstad –
Yanna Krupnikov –
Adam Levine –
Genevieve Mayhew – (40 under 40)
Quin Monson –
David Nickerson –
Santiago Olivella –
Costas Panagopoulos –
Kelly Patterson –
Gabriel Sanchez –
Betsy Sinclair –
Rachel Sondheimer
Bob Stein –
Joseph Uscinski –
Greg Vonnahme –

Other political science links

Tom Pepinsky – (Tom’s research is very different from mine, but his blog is always worth reading)
Mischiefs of Faction – (Addressing the mysteries of American party politics – and other things)
Election Law Blog – (Rick Hasen’s always interesting blog about election administration and other aspects of election law)
Monkey Cage (Washington Post) – (Political science research in layman’s terms)

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Random Numbers

This handy little widget generates random integers. This link is primarily here so my students and I can generate random integers to set seeds for random numbers in Stata, but random numbers have many other uses. For more information and other random number generators, go to

Website for the greatest team in sports
(in my totally biased opinion)

Chicago Blackhawks –